I am a researcher, currently as a PhD candidate working with Mark Stacey out of UC Berkeley’s CEE. I am part of EFMH at Berkeley and a contributor to COG at UC Davis. I am partially supported by the US Geological Survey, working with Jessie Lacy out of the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center. I enjoy collaborating with people in different places and disciplines.

At the broadest scale, I am interested in the myriad forces that affect how coastal regions (especially marshes & mangroves) “work”. I seek to study:

I work primarily as a field scientist, but I understand that connecting field data to larger spatiotemporal scales using remote sensing and modeling applications is crucial.

Outside of technical questions, I am energized by cultural theory and historical ecology of water and infrastructure. I want to support citizen-centered environmental management, science, and activism. This includes celebrating good education, low-cost sensors, small-group organizing, and independent institutions. I channel some of these interests through membership at TRUST.

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